• Responsible for providing administrative and organizational support to senior production staff prior to, during and after the production of a program.

    • attending production meetings;
    • helping to set up the production office with the necessary supplies;
    • typing, editing, copying and distributing scripts;
    • organising travel arrangements for cast, crew and production executives;
    • organizing accommodation for cast and crew;
    • typing and distributing schedules, or call sheets
    • assisting cast members, and at times running errands for them;
    • running errands between the production office and other departments;
    • dealing with accounts and expenses;
    • setting up relevant insurance cover and helping with visas for cast and crew;
    • closing accounts with suppliers and dealing with surplus stock when the production is finished.

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  • Zaily Pérez Echevarría

    Production Coordinator

    Music Clearance

    Post Production Coordinator

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